Kishio Suga: making sites


Since the mid-1990s, Kishio Suga has exhibited regularly at the Itamuro Onsen Daikokuya ryokan in Itamuro, a small hot-spring village in the verdant mountains of Tochigi Prefecture. On several occasions Suga has been commissioned to make permanent sculptures for the grounds of the ryokan, and in 2008 the ryokan converted a nearby warehouse into a small, private museum for the artist.  

This publication features images of Suga's exhibitions at the ryokan and the commissioned outdoor artworks, as well as several essays by Suga that explain the philosophy of his practice.


Physical description: 

Kishio Suga: Making Sites
Softcover; 120 pages, 80 color images
Text in Japanese and English
Daikokuya: Kishio Suga Souko Museum, 2014
21 x 25.6 x 1 cm