What is mono-ha?

Catalogue of the exhibition held at BTAP (Beijing Tokyo Art Projects) and BTAP Annex in Xiedao (May 13 – June 24, 2007).

This exhibition was the first survey of Mono-ha in China. Drawing on its decades-long history of presenting the Mono-ha artists, Tokyo Gallery staged this major exhibition that brought together pre-existing and remade works by the principal members of the group: Lee Ufan, Nobuo Sekine, Kōji Enokura, Susumu Koshimizu, Kishio Suga, Katsuro Yoshida, Katsuhiko Narita and Jiro Takamatsu. Running concurrently at BTAP Annex in the Xiedao area, there was a display of works by Chinese artists who have been influenced by Mono-ha: Sui Jianguo, Shi Hui and Zhu Jinshi.

The exhibition catalogue features essays by four art critics and curators, Yusuke Nakahara (Japan), Huang Du (China), Simon Groom (England) and Charles Merewether (America).


Physical description: 

Hardcover; 93 pages, 16 B/W and 27 color images
Text in Japanese and English
Tokyo: Tokyo Gallery + BTAP, 2007
20.9 x 28.5 x 1.7 cm